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Dare to be Different?
06 October 2014

All over the world there are individuals who want to be individuals and others who want to be ‘one of the crowd.’ Equally, all over the world are photographers who want to shoot individually and those who want to shoot like the crowd.

Roz and I, at Euphoria, believe firmly in individuality - after all, God made us all different. We all look different, have different tastes and preferences, ideals and goals. Bringing together two people to share their love forever, in marriage, unites two individuals and their wedding will be a unique celebration tailored to their characters. Should their wedding be photographed just like every other wedding? Well, “Yes!” if that’s what they want but absolutely ”No!” if they want to express their uniqueness and have it translated into the enduring memory of their precious wedding photographs.

Euphoria has an individualised avant-garde-style of photography where we aim to treat each couple and their wedding as a unique experience, to be documented in a style appropriate to the couple. (That’s why we really love to hear as much as possible about you two, how you met and all your wedding details in order to personalise our service.) Those who appreciate an avant-garde style already dare to be different and will tend to choose our services for their wedding rather than traditionally styled wedding photography.

If you are up for doing something really different for your wedding and would like to brainstorm ideas with us, please do get in touch via our Contact form.

Norma x


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