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Curious Cuff-Link Capers - North Uist Wedding Photographers Explain
04 June 2014

As you know, we photographed a lively, lavish wedding on North Uist recently.  Even the most meticulously planned wedding can have an odd unexpected moment but, for us at Euphoria Photography, the curious cuff-link capers was a first.

Our bride, Catherine, had chosen a theme involving diamonds and sparkles and had informed us that there were very special cuff-links for the groom.  So, we obviously didn't want to miss photographing those!  But this was not destined to go smoothly.  

It all began when the groom, Aaron, went to take a quick shower.  We continued photographing one of the ushers, making the finishing touches to his outfit and fitting his cuff-links - with a bit of help from Euphoria!  All seemed fine so far.  Roz went on to photograph the detail shots - rings, remaining cuff-links etc - but there was only one Best-Man cuff-link!

North Uist Wedding

Also, one of the boys thought the Best Man had the other himself.  Then, the groom was ready for his finishing touches shots and he couldn't find his cuff-links at all.  A frenzied search ensued with no results whatever!  Finally, it emerged that one of the ushers had used the groom's cuff-links instead!  Relief all round!

North Uist Wedding

Cuff-link capers continued though.  Next thing we knew, another usher had his cuff-links in all right - but the wrong way round!

Finally, the Best Man, running a bit late, had (you guessed it) not got the other cuff-link and had, therefore, only one to wear.  He was resouceful though and tied the remaining cuff together with some hessian string!  Fortunately, that was the end of the capers but we do have the photographic evidence!  

North Uist Wedding

Norma   x


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