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Crazy Day At Euphoria HQ!
10 May 2017

It all began on Monday 8 when attempted repairs to the track to our house resulted in the snapping of our BT cable.

No telephone line.

And, even worse, no Internet.

Cue panic.

Impressively, the extremely helpful BT engineer came out the very next day and tried to repair the break in the wire.  

However, while sitting in the sun waiting for repairs to take place, I heard a peculiar sound.  Like a group of ladies were walking by wearing silk dresses and swishing them.  Or the gentle brushing of soft wings.  

I looked up and saw a flock of sheep marching outside the garden gate, much to Macey's surprise (and mine!)

Our neighbour keeps sheep, so I suspected these belonged to him - but no!  They had escaped from a field further away, belong to another neighbour.  

Together with yet another neighbour, we tried to herd them back, but they decided on an alternative career as mountaineers and scooted up the sheer cliff side, into someone's garden and then back out through a hole in the fence, back on the road, leaping across the cattle grid like ballet dancers and then scooting up the road.

In between time, the engineer managed to connect our wires back together and we are now online!

Just another day at the office...! 


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