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Macey Dog
Cosy Pet!
16 February 2016

Just recently, we had the dog coat saga - the dog coat was so poorly designed that we lost it completely until Macey, the Dobermann found it and dragged it to me.  The answer: a well designed dog coat, which stays, on by Cosipet.

Well, Macey is a dog bed scratcher.  I make it up all neatly for him.  It's a duvet with cover and he doesn't like it my way and so, he scratches and tosses it around until no one in their right mind could possibly be comfortable on it and then, he circles around and flops.  Dog comfort is definitely different from human's!  Of course, it doesn't take long for this regular procedure to tear the covers and scratch into the innards of the duvet itself and the whole bed degenerates from there.

Back onto the internet trawling robust dog coats and then I remembered Cosipet.  If they made dog beds as good as their dog coats, it would be a great bed.  Well, they did and it arrived promptly with spare cover.  I thought the zebra print went best with Macey's skin tones!  My first criticism is that, compared to a folded duvet, it is a little flat.  For its maiden voyage, the new bed is set on top of a folded duvet and you can see Macey has decided that this bed is an excellent choice.  For long term use, I will pad the bed up slightly and hope that this bed withstands Macey's ideas of arranging it for a comfortable night's sleep.

Norma   x


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