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Clyde - Disproving The Theories
16 February 2015

A book I read on cats said this of the Balinese:

"The Balinese is a very beautiful creature with clear markings, a fine head and a thick coat.  As intelligent as the Siamese, friendly, naturally happy and active - when playing it can produce some incredibly acrobatic jumps...  The Balinese is not by nature a wanderer - it is too attached to its adoptive family...  Like all cats related to the Siamese, it loves fish, which should be fed alternately with meat meals."

As the owner of my half-Balinese boy, I can attest that this is true.  Clyde is not a wanderer - unless you're taking him for a walk!  

He doesn't, however, like fish.  Or cream.  He will dip his little, pink tongue tentatively into the cream, take a few sips, but leave the majority.  

It could be the tabby coming out in him, but I like to think that Clyde is so much himself that he disproves all the theories!  After all, how many other cats like to be vacuumed?  


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