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Clyde And Cars
19 June 2014

Clyde spends most of the summer out of doors - rambling through the woods, chasing anything that moves, rolling in the dirt and stalking the cows.  I was outside shooting some bees in flight (as you do), when he crept up on me and made me jump!  And then I forgot all about the bees, because Clyde is just gorgeous, isn't he?!  I think I've found another new desktop background for my laptop!  

Don't, however, let Clyde's look of innocence deceive you.  My friend was looking after him while Norma and I photographed our recent North Uist wedding, and told me that Clyde had been rather naughty!  After painstakingly and lovingly washing his car, he happened to notice some marks that definitely hadn't been there before!  A closer investigation revealed Clyde (and his muddy paws!) had strolled all over the car!  Thankfully, it rained soon after, hopefully removing all evidence...


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