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Cheap Photography vs. Art Photography
16 January 2020
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
How important to you is “cheap?”
Just about everyone has to work within some kind of budget.  Weddings, and even elopements, can seem to have endless spending possibilities.  So, should you cut corners by choosing cheap photography?
An internationally recognised wedding photographer, who turns photography into art, was discussing this with a potential bride.  The bride loved her work but felt that her pricing was just too expensive.  She explained that there was another photographer who would charge much less.
The photographer acknowledged that while we all have a budget and that there are cheaper photographers, she would like to ask just one question regarding the cheaper photography.  “What if you don’t like any of the images?” she said.  Briefly pausing, she added: “Think about it!”
The bride did think about it.  She knew that she would love ALL the images from this lady.  How could she ever be sure with the cheaper choice?  In the end, the bride decided to spend the bulk of her wedding budget on gorgeous images!  And, she was not disappointed!  She had a collection of timeless images - all gorgeously creative - to treasure forever.  When, the dress is packed away carefully, the cake eaten and the guests gone home, these priceless photographs will take on an even greater value, which will grow through time.
For your precious photographic memories, cheap simply cannot be an option.


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