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Can Clients Negotiate a Price Deal?
04 December 2021

When people give pricing their priority, they are not appreciating the value of fine photography.  Imagine you locate bargain Isle of Skye wedding photographers, who will shoot your event so cheaply, but what would happen if you did not like any of your photographs?  Your bargain would turn out to be a terrible mistake, wouldn't it?

Being wedding photographers, here on Skye, involves collating a number of factors.   There is always a distance to travel to reach location(s).  Next, there is equipment - we use high-end, full frame Canon Cameras and their L (luxury) range lenses, auxiliary lighting plus back-up gear - all of which must be prepared and checked before every shoot.  Euphoria always comprises a two-person team.  The team, the equipment, client and safety and indemnity must be fully insured.  Before every shoot, the team considers new posing and lighting ideas with these particular clients in mind.  

After the shoot, all the images must be checked, selected/culled and then individually edited.  Because of the extremely high-resolution files, advanced hardware is required to handle such enormous files.  The edited files are checked and readjusted, where required.  They are next re-numbered to sequence the retelling of the event.  Final, high resolution images are uploaded to a professional online gallery for clients to download and share.  The post-shoot-processing clearly involves a great deal of time, unseen by clients.  You can see that, before we even step out the door, there are significant costs involved plus all of these foregoing elements must be factored into our pricing structure.

Most people are happy with our special offer prices but, on rare occasions, individuals will ask if we will reduce of our price especially for them.  So, will Euphoria offer a reduction?  Most of our shoots involve elopements or proposals, with clients travelling from all over the world.  However, should clients wish to book an engagement/proposal and wedding, or elopement together with an album, at the same time, we can discuss a discount.

A photographer, whose work is respected, who has a reliable portfolio of gorgeous images and is paid appropriately for their services, will be there for your event even if they are dying on their feet!  Your wedding, elopement or proposal is definitely worth the best that money can buy.

To enjoy the Euphoria Experience, which becomes a growing treasure through time, please share your vision with us!


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