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Books, Earl Grey and Vintage Clothing
29 September 2014

My idea of heaven is a cafe and a bookshop combined.  I have fond memories of Borders - the book shop that allowed you to go into their cafe area and read, even if you hadn't yet bought the book!  Mor Books and The Windrush Cafe is based in Struan and operates similarly.  It catches the sun, it smells of books and the Earl Grey is delicious - what's not to love?  

Owners, Steve and Sandy, have filled the shop with interesting things - including avant-garde clothes.  I spent a happy few minutes trying on a selection of vintage coats.  

Each table has some kind of puzzle.  To my deep shame, I undid blocks of wood in the shape of a star, convinced I could get it back together again.  I had to be dragged out of the shop before I admitted defeat, but I did fail miserably.  There's always next time!


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