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Blogging About Your Wedding
01 February 2016

Blogging, on our Euphoria site, has become an integral part of our business policy.  We like to retell a little of our client's story on their wedding day and include some of our favourite images from our initial collation.  That allows the clients, friends, family and those unable to attend to get a glimpse of the beautiful wedding, usually on, or just days after, the actual event.  

Additionally, Roz processes certain weddings for submission to various online blogs and magazines, marrying up the wedding to the blog,  Although, Euphoria retains the right to do this, we prefer to ask clients' approval and later share she published blog with them.

The process of blogging is important from a business standpoint too.  As Euphoria only shoot a limited number of weddings annually, each wedding is an important addition to our portfolio to showcase our artistry.  To photograph a wedding silently and anonymously would be a significant loss to future clients and to us.  Many photographers have different strategies when asked to photograph a wedding with complete anonymity.  Some will levy an additional charge because of the loss to their business.  Others will maintain their policy of blogging, with some mutual compromises, where possible.  Euphoria maintains the latter stance.  That way, everyone wins!

Norma   x


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