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Skye Clyde
A Thoughtful Act
29 January 2015
I suppose we don't often think of animals as being thoughtful, kind, even unselfish but they are! This was evident from a recent thoughtful act performed by our dog, Macey, on behalf of Roz' cat, Clyde. 

Roz keeps a little bowl of water for Clyde in our shower-room and Macey was off to get a drink there. He didn't make it initially but started to circle around and behave agitatedly. I wondered if he wanted out or what he was trying to tell us. Of course, he knew what he was trying to say but we definitely find it harder to understand our animals than they do us. Anyway, we finally figured out that he was trying to tell us that Clyde was sitting outside the back door and needed us to open it and let him in. Once we had done that, Macey immediately settled and went back to get his drink! Yet another example of his altruistic behaviour and a good example to us all!

Norma x


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